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[movies]Test Video from the Palin - Bill Palin
for the vod cast
Keywords: palin palin palin palin palin palin bill
Downloads: 154
[movies]for joey first post again - bill palin
this is a reattempt at a small ipod formatted video stuff
Keywords: bill palin joey palin
Downloads: 39
[movies]for joey first post - bill palin
this is the first video for my brother
Keywords: palin joey
Downloads: 37
[audio]I Dont Cre
anthon palin
Keywords: anthony palin
Downloads: 4
[audio]Olbermann: Palin is an idiot
Keith Olbermann describes Palin
Keywords: Olbermann; Palin
Downloads: 206
[audio]Keith that woman is an idiot
Olbermann describes Palin
Keywords: Palin; Olbermann
Downloads: 48
[audio]Hey Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin Bash
Keywords: Sarah Palin
Downloads: 202 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[image]Banshee Blasted
Palin as Banshee
Keywords: Banshee; Palin
Downloads: 280
[movies]Palin Battle Hymn - Written-Tom Dempsey Vocal- Gary Mcvay Submitted-Tom Dempsey you can buy it on cdbaby.com
Sarah Palin Battle hymn presented for Prosperity and Humanity.
Keywords: palin battle hymn JakeEvilclown stupid palin sarah palin
Downloads: 23
[movies]Sarah Palin with Bill OReilly
More stupid from the QUEEN of stupid!!
Keywords: queen of stupid sarah palin dumb palin
Downloads: 34
[texts]Sarah Palin
Keywords: SARAH; PALIN; sarah palin; vice; presidency; Cain
Downloads: 152
[movies]Sarah Palin : CSPAN : February 11, 2012 4:30pm-6:30pm EST
Series/Special. New.
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Television Program
Downloads: 177
[audio]Smartest Guys You Know 001 - Jared and Jessie
Test Podcast
Keywords: ufc palin podcast
Downloads: 15
[audio]BITE351 - Pat
the comedy of Palin and I'm serious about the flag
Keywords: Palin; Drudge; flag; Ross
Downloads: 48
[audio]Jerame Bleeps Palin - Semi Modest Proposal
We just couldn't get enough Palin
Keywords: semimodest; palin; news
Downloads: 149
[audio]More Election Crap - A Semi Modest Proposal
Jerame and Justin discuss the 2008 election just a little bit more - because really, we don't know what too much is.
Keywords: election; palin; 2008
Downloads: 367
[audio]Test Sarah Palin 100727 - SarahPalinDictionary.com
Test Sarah Palin
Keywords: Sarah Palin Dictionary
Downloads: 37
[audio]Unedited Podcast 20: Triumphant Return! - Unedited Team
So, after an extra-long absence, we have an extra-long podcast to remind you that we still love you. Also, because a) we got comments! and b) we got ourselves a guest host! This week, Will joins us to talk about the US election, Obama, Palin and how not to use a cell phone. Let us know what you think and feel free to complain or compliment.
Keywords: obama; palin; unedited; election
Downloads: 393
[audio]East Meets West 164 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Tom and Roger discuss Governor Palin's resignation, the Honduran coup, the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and whether the US should become a Monarchy.
Keywords: monarchy; independence; Palin; Honduras
Downloads: 2,765
[movies]Sarah Palin tribute song
Sarah Palin Tribute song
Keywords: sarah Palin Tribute song
Downloads: 35
[movies]Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. her two greatest loves. - bart hendrickson
edit of snl and the palin biden debate.
Keywords: sarah palin; tina fey
Downloads: 10
Palin dissed by PMSNBC
Keywords: Palin dissed by PMSNBC
Downloads: 3
[movies]CNN laughs at Sarah Palin along with the world
Sarah Palin is challenged by every question thrown at her. According to Sarah she didn't give the wrong answers, she was asked the wrong questions. Don't think that's fair? Well she never made a good speech either. All she can so is parrot "good wholesome American values" and "all the things that make America great". If anyone want to argue that she is intelligent because she has a college degree that is complete BS...
Keywords: stupid palin dumb dingy sarah palin 2wacky palin cnn palin
Downloads: 44
[etree]The Dead Live at Bryce Jordan Center on 2008-10-13 - The Dead
01. Truckin' -> 02. U.S. Blues 03. Help On The Way -> 04. Slipknot! -> 05. Franklin's Tower 06. Playing In The Band -> 07. Dark Star 08. St. Stephen -> 09. Unbroken Chain -> 10. The Other One -> 11. Throwin' Stones -> 12. Jam -> 13. Playing In The Band (reprise) 14. Encore Break Phil's Donor Rap Bob's Hunter Thompson talk 15. Touch Of Gray -> 16. Not Fade Away
Keywords: Keep Palin in Alaska
Downloads: 99
[movies]mov file for testing on uploading - bill palin
la l a al la la la la la aal
Keywords: palin test video again
Downloads: 1,081
[audio]Season of the Witch-Donovan/Foster - MF Foster/Donovan
This is an adaptation of the 1960's song written by Donovan-the new lyrics and arrangement are pure MF.This is dedicated to Sarah Palin-"Oh No, Must be the Season of the Witch"-MF
Keywords: Politics-Sarah Palin
Downloads: 271
[movies]Gyla G. Opener - Bill Palin
this is the thing that rules the world
Keywords: la la la bill gyla gonzalez palin palin bill
Downloads: 131
[movies]Herman Cain? Or Herb Cain? Sarah Palin Has an Idea
Sarah Palin thinks Republican Presidential contender Herman Cain is doing a good job of connecting with regular Americans in a way many of his competitors aren't -- and can't. She's a fan. But during an appearance on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show Palin couldn't quite get Cain's name right. Is it Herb? or Herm?
Keywords: news&information; sarah palin; herman cain; herb cain; palin cain; palin herb cain; herb caen; palin idiot; palin doesnt know cain; fox news palin; dumb palin; greta palin; greta cain; republican primary; republican cain candidate; republican candidate
Downloads: 2
[movies]Nader Palin interview.
Just look at her face. I would love to hear what came next.. Don't worry I'll find it.
Keywords: Nader palin stupid interview dumbpalin
Downloads: 13
[audio]Sarah Palin talks to 770KKOB's Peter St. Cyr - Peter St. Cyr
2009 Sarah Palin talks to radio reporter Peter St. Cyr at El Pinto restaurant in Albuquerque, NM
Keywords: Sarah Palin; Albuquerque; New Mexico
Downloads: 32
[audio]Episode 139 "A younger voice of reason..." - CSA
On this episode of the Countless Screaming Argonauts, the boys, fresh off of their live FutureVaganza, invite Manhattan Man AND his college age daughter in to talk politics and the environment. Well we mean the BP oil spill and Sarah Palin of "hopey-changey" fame. Its a fun romp, expecially with a young voice of reason added into the mix. Enjoy it!
Keywords: BP; oil; Palin; hopey; changey
Downloads: 62
[audio]Eddie Burke on Patrick's World USA 10/06/10
Eddie Burke on Patrick's World USA 10/06/10
Keywords: Alaska; Republican; Conservative; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 3
[audio]08.10.6spX - Boggs
can small screen device act like a teleprompter? Nader is there.
Keywords: Nader; Palin; debate; prompter; winks
Downloads: 46
[audio]Shannyn Moore on Sarah Palin on DN - DN
Shannyn Moore talks about Sarah Palin
Keywords: Sarah Palin; god; evangelical; corruption
Downloads: 83
[audio]Shanynn Moore on Sarah Palin, A Politician she knows well and has reported on extensively - Dori Smith
Talk Nation Radio special on Alaskas Gov. Sarah Palin September 5th, 2008 Talk Nation Radio special: Alaska Progressive Reporter Shannyn Moore on the Gov. Sarah Palin she knows. Listen to this weeks election special show or download at this JUST A GIRL FROM HOMER is attracting lots of attention because Moore knows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin well and has interviewed her many times. She delves into the more controversial Sarah Palin, her church, her prayers for Walmart and for mergers between peo...
Keywords: Shanynn Moore; Shannon; Shanynn; Governor Sarah Palin; knows Palin; reporter Shanynn Moore shows Sarah Palin; religion; oil; Alaska corruption; Palin
Downloads: 42
[audio]APC J-Week 2009 - Open & Transparent Government - Alaska Press Club
Governor Sarah Palin promised an open and transparent government. But when it comes to getting information from her administration, Alaska reporters say they face too many hurdles. Gregg Erickson and Rebecca Braun, who produce the Alaska Budget Report, will share their war stories. Attorney John McKay, who helped draft Alaskaâs last revision of its open meetings and open records laws, will offer historical perspective...
Keywords: alaska; journalism; government; palin; reporting
Downloads: 5
[audio]Sarah Palin Theme (Blood on the Snow) - MF Foster
I saw you with your dead caribou, Sarah...
Keywords: Palin; blood on the snow
Downloads: 96
[audio]Robo Calls in Iowa
Robo Call released from John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republican National Committee that are running in Iowa.
Keywords: McCain; Flood; Iowa; Palin; Republican
Downloads: 160
[movies]Sarah Palin Remarks : CSPAN : August 10, 2014 11:58pm-12:32am EDT
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) speaks at the Centennial Institute's 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver.
Keywords: Sarah Palin Remarks; Television Program
[movies]Sarah Palin Remarks : CSPAN : August 10, 2014 8:58pm-9:32pm EDT
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) speaks at the Centennial Institute's 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver.
Keywords: Sarah Palin Remarks; Television Program
Downloads: 4
[movies]Sarah Palin Remarks : CSPAN : August 5, 2014 8:15pm-8:49pm EDT
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) speaks at the Centennial Institute's 2014 Western Conservative Summit in Denver.
Keywords: Sarah Palin Remarks; Television Program
Downloads: 2
[audio]Shannyn Moore on Talk Nation Radio discusses Gov. Sarah Palin - Dori Smith
Just a Girl from Alaska, who knows Sarah Palin and has interviewed her many times as one of Alaska's leading progressive radio voices. Listen to this weekâs election special show or download at this JUST A GIRL FROM HOMER is attracting lots of attention because Moore knows Alaska Governor Sarah Palin well and has interviewed her many times. She delves into the more controversial Sarah Palin, her church, her prayers for Walmart and for mergers between âpeopleâ and âcorporationsâ and her call...
Keywords: Dori Smith interviews Shanynn Moore about Sarah Palin; Dick Cheney phone call to Palin; A. B. Culvahouse vetted Palin
Downloads: 63
[movies]Palin Tribute song 001
A great tribute song to Sarah Palin.
Keywords: Sarah palin Jake E Tribute song
Downloads: 13
[movies]Sarah Palin Wants to Hang Jerry Sandusky and She'll Bring the Rope
Sarah Palin has weighed in on the Penn State rape case (why her?) and decided that the accused former coach Jerry Sandusky should "hang from the highest tree" and that helpfully she'll bring the rope. Even Fox News host Greta Van Susteren was taken aback but the Grizzly Mom didn't back down.
Keywords: news&information; jerry sandusky; sarah palin; palin hang sandusky; palin bring rope; palin greta van susteren; fox news; penn state; psu; penn state rape
Downloads: 2
[movies]McGinniss and Matthews Think All Conservatives Have Guns
Sarah Palin biographer Joe McGinniss was on Chris Matthews Hardball show to share his insights into Palin after living next door to her for a few months. But when he started generalizing about her supporters and prefaced it with a reference to Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords you'd think Matthews might have stepped in. Nope.
Keywords: news&information; hardball; chris matthews; matthews hardball; joe mcginniss; mcginniss mathews harball; mcginniss matthews; mcginniss palin; palin writer; lived next door palin; msnbc palin
[audio]Will Sarah Run? - Adrian Vance
Sarah Palin is demonstrating her strategic and tactical skills by not bowing to the major media and telling them where she is going and what she is doing. Is she running for President? Only if she has to. She is promoting the ideas that she thinks, and many agree, are needed to save America.
Keywords: Sara Palin; election; candidacy; media; strategy; tactics
Downloads: 4
[audio]Mc Ginniss 3 - Stu Levitan
2011 interview with Joe McGinniss, author of "Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin," from Books & Beats w/ Stu Levitan.
Keywords: Joe McGinniss; Stu Levitan; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 4
[audio]08.10.23bite - Boggs
Anchorage populating, General Powell shows eloquence
Keywords: Powell; Palin; Alaska; base; simple-minded
Downloads: 67
[audio]Sarah Palin Speaks in Dover 10/15/08 - New Hampshire Public Radio
Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin speaks at a campaign event in Dover, New Hampshire, October 15, 2008.
Keywords: election 2008; New Hampshire; Sarah Palin
Downloads: 65
[audio]Eddie Burke on Patrick's World USA 10/06/10
Eddie Burke is my guest on BlogTalk radio 10/06/10
Keywords: Alaska; politics; conservative; republican; sarah palin
Downloads: 8
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